Welcome to Karen Lee Mosely Ministries. I am so glad you stopped by to visit our new website. I believe you will enjoy looking through and seeing who we are and what we are about and all that we are doing at KLMM. You will enjoy learning about our World Prayer Center, our Prayer School of the Spirit, and our prayer meetings that are held on a regular basis. We also have a current teaching we believe will bless you and increase you in God. You can find all of our latest teaching CD's and tapes that will help you to grow and become all God has called you to be. You will also be able to know where we will be and come and partake of God's presence and glory in our meetings.

You are certainly very important to God and to us, as well. We pray and believe you will experience God's love, His best for you, and that you will always be filled with the knowledge of His perfect will for your life. His destiny for you is good and He always performs the appointed thing for your life. My prayer for you to your family is that you will always experience God's very best and the fullness of His presence always be with you.

However we can serve and minister to you and your needs, please let us know. We would love to hear from you because you are the reason we are here. God is working his plan for you and he loves you perfectly all the time everyday of your life.

Rev. Karen Lee Mosely

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